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We are currently offering free in-person & virtual estimates. All work and material provided by Purdy Plumbing are warrantied for 1 year. A 10% discount on any drain cleaning services, and a 5% discount for all senior citizens, veterans, police, fire, & EMT personnel!

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Purdy Plumbing & Drain

We Are A Group Of Professional Plumbers

If you are looking for excellent plumbing services that last, you’ve found it! Here at Purdy Plumbing & Drain, we know exactly how to tackle all of your plumbing and drain concerns. We have been providing top-of-the-line services for over 10 years and have seen it all when it comes to installing, repairing, and servicing clogged drains, water leaks, and gas lines. With us by your side, you’ll never have to worry about unfair prices or misleading information. Purdy Plumbing & Drain is dedicated to providing you with quality services, transparency, and some much-needed peace of mind. By choosing Purdy Plumbing & Drain, your home, plumbing, and sewers will be in stellar condition all year long!

About Us

Founded in 2011, Purdy Plumbing & Drain has been providing exceptional service for residential and commercial customers along with property management companies. The owner of Purdy Plumbing & Drain started the business because he noticed a gap in the service processes of other businesses. He wanted to go above and beyond for the customers without compromises on quality or efficiency. It is his promise to do better than others, service-wise and quality-wise. That is why at Purdy Plumbing & Drain, you, the customer will always be guaranteed quality work, integrity, and lasting solutions. We hold weekly meetings to implement excellent workmanship, safety, and the best possible customer service. With us, you’ll know that we will always do an excellent job without cutting any corners.


Sewer Drain Repairs and Cleaning

Your sewer and drains don’t maintain themselves. That is why we offer top-of-the-line sewer services that not only ensure sustainability but can also save you money from future repairs later on. From repairing damage in the main pipes to clearing roots in the mainline, we can do it all! It is important to fix any sewer drain issues that you might have. Count on us to help you detect, fix, and save your sewer drain without the hassle. With every project, we always take a detailed approach to the issue, your expectations, and unique concerns to ensure the ultimate outcome and end results that won’t let you down.
Over time, there is a high risk of build-up and damages in your main lines. Here at Purdy Plumbing & Drain, we care about the condition of your pipes. That is why we provide quality hydro jetting services that can take away any grease or root build-up currently hiding in your pipes. Through hydro jetting, we use equipment with high water pressure to successfully clear out your pipes. This state-of-the-art technology has helped many clients over the years and provides quality end results time and time again.

Water Leaks

Pipe leaks can cause major water damage to your home. Whether your home is on a slab, raised foundations, or 2 stories, we have a solution for it all. We have special leak detection equipment to detect those hard-to-find leaks and are qualified to open a wall if needed to find the source of any leak. Here at Purdy Plumbing & Drain, we care about the condition of your home. That is why we will always handle your home with respect and ensure that all water leaks are repaired so that you do not have to worry about any future damages. If you have a water leak or want us to inspect your home for leaks, we are only a call away.

Gas Leak Repairs and Installs

Leaks can be extremely hard to spot but can be dangerous if they aren’t discovered quickly enough. If you think you might have a gas leak in your home, don’t risk it, contact our team of professionals right away. Our certified workforce can quickly diagnose the problem, spot where the leak is coming from, and repair the damaged section of the pipe. Afterward, we always check for other leaks and gasses through our top-of-the-line equipment. With us, you’ll not have to worry about compromises on quality. We will always ensure that your safety, satisfaction, and expectations are reached and protected.



Ian Carr
Ian Carr
22:10 17 Apr 21
Awesome company! Had a backup in our bath. Called Purdy and Richard came out that day. When he got here water had begun pooling on the floor so he jumped to help track down cause.... Thinking it was septic, called Express who cleaned out as much as they could. Still had water so called Purdy who found time to come out same day again. After snaking drain they cleared the blockage and saved the day. Highly recommend!read more
Wulf Knight
Wulf Knight
21:37 13 Apr 21
Tl:dr: Fantastic, super responsive company that I will absolutely use for any plumbing-related need I have going forward.So, I tried my hand at wholly inexperienced, handyman... plumbing, and it went about as well as you can imagine. I installed a new kitchen faucet, without issue. Everything was working great, until the next morning when there was a puddle on the kitchen floor. I found out the ancient cut-off valves under the sink had given way to the ravages of time. So, I figured, "No problem, they all look the same. I'll just take one off, take it to Lowes and replace it. Easy peasy."NARRATOR: It was not easy, nor peasy.After learning what a compression valve was, and how my typical set of garage tools was not up to the task of removing them, I turned to the Dremel... Which, admittedly, did meet with some success, until I got to one that I couldn't reach with the Dremel.It was, at this point, that I threw in the towel (well, actually, towels... As I'd soaked quite a few).I called about a dozen plumbers. With most, I ran into voicemails. The others were able to give me an "inspection date", which would be followed up by a "work date". None of which met my requirements of, "I kinda need it right now, as I've had to cut off the main water supply to my house".I was able to reach a very pleasant human at Purdy, who was able to schedule me for a 4-hour window the next day. The plumber (Richard) arrived only an hour into the window (...and called 20 minutes before, to make sure I was home and available).Richard made quick work of replacing the cut-off valves, reattaching everything, verifying no leaks of any kind were present and verifying the functionality of all appliances hooked to the under sink lines.All told, taxes and a new T-junction included, it came to under $200.Wholly satisfied with everything about Purdy, and could not ask for a better experience.read more
Joseph Waligura
Joseph Waligura
18:24 19 Feb 21
After getting a $590 water bill and being unable to find the issue on my own, I reached out to several plumbing companies for help. Many were happy to head out to help me find... the problem. When I contacted Purdy Plumbing, Tammy suggested that I try a few things before they sent someone out Her concern was that I might require the services of a leak detection company, and she wanted me to needlessly spend money.Based upon her advice, I was able to find the issue and resolve it. This is what I call customer service and customer care. The next time I have an issue, I'm calling you, so you earned a customer.read more
Jennifer Hamilton
Jennifer Hamilton
02:08 11 Dec 20
I have used Purdy Plumbing a few times and has ALWAYS been delighted with the service. Rarely do you find a service company that is an advocate for the CLIENT, and truly puts... your best interests first, AND does a stellar job in the process. Love them and will remain a loyal customer!read more
21:04 05 Oct 20
Never thought it would be possible for a visit from a plumber to make me happy but this one did. I recently sprung a leak and had to call for professional help. These guys fixed... the problem on the first visit and really put me at ease during the process. They were patient, prompt, thorough, communicative, pleasant, and very fairly priced. I highly recommend you give them a try!read more
Debby Knudson
Debby Knudson
03:30 26 Aug 20
6 weeks without hot water. We have been working through our supplemental home warranty provider, which ran us around for weeks. 1.5 hour wait times on hold just for step one.... Anyway, 1 plumber, 1 electrician and 4 weeks later, Rich at Purdy came by and said that our tankless hot water heater needed to be replaced. Pretty shoddy original install in the end. So they shuffled their heavy work schedule and got us a new, upgraded water heater. The customer service was excellent and I felt great confidence in their knowledge. Thank you to Tami (should be on the wish list for any Customer Service business), Rich, Richard and Mitch - professional and communicative plumbers. We now have a better performing hot water heater and my stress level has taken a nose dive. Thank you, Purdy!read more

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